OAESD Welcomes Aboard Kelle and Lorena!

Kelle Hildebrandt, OAESD Program Administrator

After earning her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Marymount College in Tarrytown, NY, and her Master of Arts in Teaching from Willamette University, Kelle began her teaching career in Bend, Oregon. Over her 28 years in education, she taught grades 2-5, served as a reading specialist, assistant principal, and principal. Throughout her career, she has been a part of numerous leadership teams and initiatives but has a particular passion for early literacy and systems development for equitable outcomes. Kelle is excited about the opportunity to continue making a difference for the youth in Oregon by supporting the critical work of ESDs.

Lorena Childress, OAESD Executive Assistant

Lorena Childress
After earning her Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise and Sport Science from Oregon State University, Lorena went on to work as the Health Assistant and Health Advocate at a Head Start in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Over the next decade she was fortunate to contribute to improved outcomes in early childhood health and wellness, and removing barriers to learning. She also developed a deeper understanding of resiliency, equity, and justice. Her position was also an opportunity to work with family systems, providing support and education to parents regarding their child’s health and well-being. As a lifelong learner, she is now very excited to learn about, support, and contribute to Oregon’s ESDs and their invaluable work for our youth.

AESA Honors Gary Peterson, OAESD Past Executive Director

OAESD nominated Gary Peterson, OAESD Past-Executive Director, for the 2023 AESA Outstanding Individual Achievement Award and are excited to announce that he was chosen as the 2023 recipient for this award. AESA notes, “The Outstanding Individual Achievement Award recognizes individual contributions to advancing regional educational programs at the regional, state, or national levels. Nominees could include board members, state/federal legislators, local/state/national educators, and professional association staff.” AESA Executive Director, Joan Wade, shared the following:

Your exceptional contributions and unwavering dedication to advancing regional educational Service programs have left an indelible mark on the state of Oregon and brought your remarkable achievements to the forefront.

In the spirit of Dr. Walter G. Turner's visionary leadership, your commitment to driving positive change and progress has truly set you apart. Your outstanding achievements, spanning regional, state, and national levels, embody the very essence of this award, which celebrates the profound impact of individual efforts on the educational landscape. The decision of the awards committee to recommend you and the Executive Council to approve your nomination, Gary, for this prestigious accolade reflects the immense respect and admiration for your transformative work. Your role as the immediate past Executive Director of the Oregon Association of Education Service Districts (OAESD) has been nothing short of remarkable.

Your strategic implementation of by-laws and agreements within OAESD stands as a testament to your leadership and forward-thinking approach. You fostered healing and cohesion among the 19 ESDs in Oregon at a challenging time in OAESDs history, showcasing your ability to unite diverse stakeholders toward a common vision, even in the face of challenges. Your dedication to equity and inclusion has further elevated your contributions. The formation of the OAESD Equity Steering Committee and the subsequent creation of the Equity Position Statement, Core Beliefs, and Recommendations highlight your commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable educational environment.

Your journey with the OAESD network speaks volumes about your ability to bridge gaps and facilitate collaboration. Your skillful leadership, effective communication, and thoughtful dialogue have been instrumental in forging stronger connections and promoting transparency within the network. The unanimous nomination submitted by all 19 OAESD members and the current Executive Director, Amber Eaton, serves as a testament to the profound impact you have made on the education community. Your tireless efforts have truly made a difference in the lives of countless educators, administrators, and students.

The presentation of the award occurred at this year’s AESA National Conference in December.

Congratulations to Gary Peterson! We appreciate all he has done for education in Oregon and his leadership for ESDs and OAESD.

Region 16 CC Updates

Region 16 Comprehensive Center Welcomes Oregon Project Manager Molly Mazur

After graduating from Illinois State University with a degree in Human Development and Family Relations, Molly went to graduate school to become a certified school counselor. For 6 years, she worked at Chinook Middle School as a counselor located in Bellevue, WA. Over the course of her time there, Molly was the program manager for AVID, Racial Equity and Diversity leadership team member, assisted in piloting advisory, and created and led a trauma-informed response training for teachers. She fell in love with programs surrounding systems change hence what led Molly to Region 16 Comprehensive Center as the new Oregon Project Manager.

Region 16 Comprehensive Center Celebrates with ESD Members at the AESA National Conference

Region 16 Comprehensive Center (R16CC) hosted a gathering at the AESA National Conference for fellow ESD members from Alaska, Oregon, and Washington who have, over the past four years, come together to steward the success of the Region 16 Comprehensive Center. More than 45 stewards came together to celebrate the impact of these collective efforts of our consortium of 29 ESDs from three states and enjoy a meal together. In addition to reviewing successes and impacts of the work over the last four years, this group discussed future goals of R16CC and the upcoming grant proposal. The R16CC team was excited by the collaborative spirit demonstrated in the room and our team wanted to express gratitude to the Oregon ESD members from our region who chose to spend this time with us at the annual conference.

Region 16 Announces 2024 Professional Book Studies, Apply now!

Link here for more information about R16CC Professional Book Studies

Region 16 Comprehensive Center Shares Resources

One-pagers shared at the AESA National Conference that describe the state service plans for R16CC and Oregon, Washington and Alaska and our consortium of ESDs can be found here at this link.

For insight into our R16CC’s work to support leaders in Native education series, please view our video here:

Leaders in Native Education: Stories of Connection - Video and story

ESD Spotlight- Wallowa County

Author: Superintendent Braden
The need for affordable housing in Wallowa County has reached a critical level and has resulted in the loss of several educators to the region. The rural geographic location of Wallowa County only adds to the barriers and limits the ability to problem-solve this complex issue. Tapping into community partnerships was the only avenue forward to address this housing crisis.

In partnership with Eastern Oregon Regional Educator Network (EOREN), Wallowa County Education Service District (WCESD) is implementing workforce housing for educators in Wallowa County.

Located at WCESD’s administrative office in Enterprise, are three apartments available to educators in Wallowa County. Each school district in the county will have access to utilize this transitional housing opportunity in the recruitment and retention of educators.

Wallowa County ESD will also have two dorm rooms with common living spaces for student teachers. This goal is to facilitate more student teachers having easier access to opportunities to learn the complexities of rural, frontier teaching.

This would not be possible without many partnerships and community support. Wallowa County ESD is committed to supporting the recruitment and retention of high quality educators through removing barriers for our component districts.

OAESD Open Leadership Opportunities

Are you looking for ways to be more involved in OAESD? We have exciting leadership opportunities on the horizon. OAESD is overseen by an Officer Council, with representatives from both the board of director side and superintendent side. During the winter each year, OAESD starts recruiting for the Chair-Elect and President-Elect positions for the following year. These tend to be three-year rotating commitments. The term of office for the officers shall be one year in each role.In December, local ESD boards will nominate board members for Chair-Elect. Superintendents will nominate themselves or other ESD superintendents for President-Elect. Nominations need to be turned in no later than December 29th. Boards and superintendents cast their votes in February and the results will be announced in March. If you are interested in getting more information about this process or required responsibilities, contact the OAESD office or visit the website. The majority of meetings are done electronically. With some flexibility, it is possible for board members to take on this role while maintaining a full-time job.

Resource Spotlight

Using Early Indicator and Intervention Systems is a FREE Learning opportunity for districts and school based teams. Here's the Link

Link for Visible Learning: Here

Save the Date!

OAESD Spring Conference

OAESD’s Annual Spring Conference is scheduled for May 8-10 at the beautiful Sunriver Resort. We all look forward to being together in person for this special event!

Thank you to OAESD’s partner, PACE, for helping to make this event a reality!

...More AESA Conference Pics!

Oregon Association of Education Service Districts is a partnership between: Clackamas, Columbia Gorge, Douglas, Grant, Harney, High Desert, InterMountain, Jefferson,Lake, Lane, Linn Benton Lincoln, Malheur, Multnomah, North Central, Northwest Regional, South Coast, Southern Oregon, Wallowa, and Willamette Education Service Districts.
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