• OAESD Program Cabinet

    The Superintendent Council of OAESD (Oregon Association of Education Service Districts) has created a “Program Cabinet” to coordinate and assist in the implementation of various regional and state-level initiatives and issues affecting ESDs, including the P-20 ESD Support Network. The Program Cabinet works with ODE and other agencies and partners in the coordination and implementation of programs and initiatives which are multi-ESD in nature. 

    This Cabinet consists of 11 members, selected by the Superintendent Council, as follows: 

    • Four representatives from OAESD members based on the ADMw of their ESD. The larger ESD superintendent representatives currently are Tony Scurto, Lane, and Rob Saxton, NWRESD. The smaller ESD superintendent representatives currently are Michael Lasher, Douglas; Mark Redmond, Malheur.
    • Four representatives selected based on the expertise of individuals in the statutory service areas for Oregon ESDs: special education, technology, school improvement and administrative services. These representatives currently are Linda Eastlund, Clackamas (special education); Stuart Long, Clackamas (technology); Sarah Phillips, Multnomah (school improvement); Keith Ussery, Willamette (administrative services).
    • One at-large representative from OAESD members as deemed appropriate by the OAESD Superintendent Council. This is currently Paul Andrews from High Desert. 
    • Two representatives from ODE selected by the Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction: Candace Pelt, Assistant Superintendent of the Office of Student Services; and, Jennifer Patterson, Assistant Superintendent of the Office of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment.
    • The Executive Director of OAESD, Gary Peterson, serves as an Ex Officio member of the Cabinet.

     The 2018-19 chair of the Cabinet will be Mark Redmond and the vice-chair will be Paul Andrews.

    The Program Cabinet provides structure to the work of OAESD by establishing ad hoc “work groups” and “implementation teams” as follows:

     Work groups

    • Review, analyze, recommend action and advocate for specific issues, topics or program areas.
    • Are task specific and will dissolve at the completion of their work.
    • Are made up of individuals who may, or may not, be OAESD members.

    Implementation Teams

    • Implement, in collaboration with ODE and other partners, specific programs, initiatives, and best practices to Oregon school districts.
    • Are task and/or project specific and will dissolve at the completion of their work.
    • Are made up of individuals who may, or may not, be OAESD members.   

    The Program Cabinet works closely with ODE, the OAESD Executive Director and the President of the Superintendent Council to suggest priorities for the work of the Cabinet.  Such priorities are reviewed regularly by the Superintendent Council and the Cabinet provides regular reports to the Superintendent Council on the work of the Cabinet.  The Cabinet also provides reports to the OAESD Governance Council at their spring and fall meetings. The function, performance and membership of the Program Cabinet are reviewed annually by the Superintendent Council at their fall planning retreat. 

    For more information, please contact Gary Peterson, OAESD Executive Director, gpeterson@oaesd.org