• OAESD Fall 2018 Summit

    2018 Summit

    The OAESD Fall Summit just wrapped up. Almost 100 participants from ESDs across Oregon got together the day before the OSBA conference in Portland. Executive Director Gary Peterson opened the Summit with a talk entitled Who we are and what we do which provided a history of the association, present funding levels, committee structure, and current statewide initiatives. Afterwards, Superintendent Paul Andrews of High Desert ESD and Superintendent Mark Redmond of Malheur ESD gave an update on the Educator Advancement Council. 

    Next, a group of IT processionals presented on the topic of Cyber Security for ESDs and provided a handout on Information Security. They said that hackers are drawn to the pristine data of students and that we need to be able to protect all the data that ESDs are responsible for-- students, staff, and our district partners. They shared areas of security risks, such as inexpensive tool kits easily available on the dark-web to attack networks. They also believed the trusting and open-source culture of education often puts us at higher risk for some of these attacks. They highlighted some approaches ESDs could take, such as IT security audits and changing current perceptions from attacks being only a technology problem to also being a risk management problem.  

    Superintendent Dave Novotney of Willamette ESD and Superintendent Mark Mulvihill of InterMountain ESD talked about Implementing a Statewide School Safety and Prevention System. This proposal addresses four main components: bullying and harassment prevention, a statewide student safety assessment system, youth suicide prevention and wellness, and a statewide school safety tip line. They also made available a handout entitled Keeping Students Safe

    Paul Verstraete and Ewan Brawley updated the group about the OAESD Chronic Absenteeism Initiative. This plan relies on statewide resources and toolkits, professional development and technical assistance, an ODE attendance coach, and the development of a regional consortium. The goal is to reduce overall student absenteeism by 2% each year. 

    Lastly, Director of Governmental Relations Ozzie Rose and Superintendent Tenneal Wetherell of South Coast ESD provided a preview of the upcoming legislative session. Then Summit participants spent time working at their tables to identify and prioritize critical issues to be incorporated into the OAESD legislative priorities.