• OAESD Governance Council 

    General Description:  The Governance Council consists of the Superintendent and a Board representative from each member ESD.  The Governance Council meets 5 times per year, with electronic meetings in September, February and April*.  There are 2 “live” meetings, one in November in advance of the Summit in Portland and a second one in advance of the Annual Conference in May.  Agendas are published in advance of each meeting and each ESD gets a single vote on any matters requiring action.  Occasionally, there may be surveys of the Governance Council on time-sensitive matters to be addressed by the Association.  Attendance by specific individuals participating in Governance Council meetings is not generally recorded, although a roll call of participating ESDs is conducted determine if a quorum of member ESDs is present.   In some ESDs, the Board representative to the Governance Council provides regular reports on OAESD activities to the rest of the board. 

    *The electronic meetings generally last about three hours.  For these meetings, it is requested that when feasible, each ESD limit their participation to a single internet connection.  In other words, the Superintendent and Board representative should make every effort to be at the same location. 

    Bylaw Language Pertaining to the Governance Council:   The Council is the governance arm of OAESD. The specific responsibilities of the OAESD Governance Council will include, but are not limited to: 

    • Provide policies and operating principles which define the scope of work for OAESD.
    • Review, amend and support the Constitution and Bylaws of OAESD.
    • Adopt the annual calendar and budget for OAESD.
    • Provide legislative advocacy in support of the adopted OAESD legislative platform.