• The Oregon Association of Education Service Districts

    The OAESD is a consortium of Oregon's education service districts.  The organization provides resource, support and a locus for collaboration among its 19 member ESDs.  
    Education Service Districts are an integral part of Oregon's regional education service system. 

    Oregon statutes define ESDs as follows:

    “The mission of the education service districts is to assist school districts and the Department of Education in achieving Oregon’s educational goals by providing equitable, high quality, cost-effective and locally responsive educational services at a regional level.” (ORS 334.005)

    The legislature further established four key functions charged to ESDs. They are:

    1. Ensure an equitable and excellent education for all children in the state.
    2. Implement the Oregon Educational Act for the 21st Century.
    3. Foster the attainment of high standards of performance by all students in Oregon’s public schools.
    4. Facilitate inter-organizational coordination and cooperation among educational, social service, health care and employment training agencies.