Purpose: The Purpose of the OAESD New Ideas in Education Award is to both recognize innovative ideas, projects or programs initiated by member ESDs as well as to stimulate a culture of innovation and creativity within each Oregon ESD.  

    Categories for Award:  Prizes will be awarded at the banquet at the OAESD Annual Conference in the following categories: 

    • Technology
    • Special Education
    • Financial/Business Services/Agency Operations
    • School Improvement 

    Optional Awards to be given at the discretion of the Judges:

    • Promising Practice - for projects in operation for less than six months
    • Significant Practice - for projects which have been in operation for more than 24 months 


    • Each ESD may nominate an idea, project or program in each or any of the above areas
    • The idea, project or program must impact students or ESD services in a positive manner
    • By delivering a new service, or
    • By developing a new way to deliver an existing service, or
    • By providing more efficient and cost-effective service, or
    • By generating additional revenue from entrepreneurial activity.
    • Must be sustainable and capable of duplication in other ESDs
    • Must be new and within actual operation within the last 24 months except as noted above

     The Awards: A plaque, trophy or other recognition of the highest scoring entry each category.  If no projects are deemed to meet the criteria in a specific category, there will be no award in that category.    

    Judges:  Award winners will be selected by a panel of judges/reviewers. Members of the panel shall include former ESD board members and/or retired ESD superintendents. The Executive Director of OAESD shall facilitate the panel of judges/reviewers.    

    Presentations: The winning projects, program or ideas in each category will be notified in advance of the general announcement of awards so that team members can be prepared for a 10-15 minute presentation on the second day of the OAESD Spring Conference. The winning ideas, projects or programs are strongly encouraged to present at the OSBA Annual Convention.

     2019 OAESD New Ideas in Education Award Application

    Applications will be due to Charissa Geib at cgeib@oaesd.org no later than 4:00 PM on March 15, 2019