• OAESD Officer Council

    The Officer Council consists of the officers of OAESD. These are the Chair, Chair-Elect, and Past Chair of the OAESD Board and President, President-Elect, and Past President of the OAESD Superintendents' Council.  The term of office for the officers shall be two years. Any officer may be elected to no more than two successive terms. The Chair-Elect and President-Elect succeeds the Chair and President. The term expiration for the Chair will be in odd numbered years and for the President in even numbered years.  2017 is the year for nomination and election for the position of “Chair-Elect.”  However, with the current Chair-Elect, Joel Robe, electing to not continue his service on the Lane ESD Board, OAESD will be selecting both a Chair and a Chair-Elect.  Past practice for the selection of Chair-Elect (and now Chair) has been for each ESD Board to nominate a candidate for the position if they so desire. 

    The nomination and election timeline for 2017 will be as follows: 

    March – Local Boards may nominate eligible members of their own or other ESD boards for the positions of “Chair” and “Chair-Elect”.  Nominations will be turned in to Gary Peterson, Executive Director, no later than March 31.

    April - May – Local Boards will cast their votes for “Chair” and “Chair-Elect”.  Results will be turned in to Gary Peterson no later than May 5.

    May – The results of the election will be announced at the OAESD Annual Banquet.

    Bylaw Language Pertaining to the Officer Council:   The Officers Council is charged with implementing the purposes of OAESD, including but not limited to:

    • Entering into and administering contracts, including employment contracts for the Executive Director and the Director of Government Relations.
    • In connection with the Executive Director, create an annual schedule of meetings and other events.
    • In connection with the Executive Director, take the lead in planning conferences and workshops.
    • Foster positive and effective working relationships with ODE, COSA, OSBA, Chief Education Office, OEA, and other organizations dedicated to the welfare of public education in Oregon.
    • Appoint committees as requested by the OAESD Governance Council.
    • Develop agendas, call, publicize, chair and arrange for minutes to be taken for all official OAESD meetings of the OAESD Governance Council
    • Determine whether to pay AESA dues for ESDs that have not elected to join OAESD if the result will be to reduce the amount of money owed for100% membership in AESA.
    • Recommend annual goals for the organization to the Governance Council.
    • Interviewing and hiring of the Executive Director and/or the Director of Government Relations.
    • Conducting an annual review of the Executive Director and/or the Director of Government Relations.
    • Dismissal of the Executive Director and/or the Director of Government Relations.

    Using the above guidelines, the Officer Council generally meets 4-5 times per year as necessary to fulfill the duties described above.  The meetings generally last about two hours and usually held electronically, although the Officer Council does try to have at least one meeting per year where everyone convenes at the same location.