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Oregon Association of Education Service Districts

Executive Director: Jim Mabbott |



The Oregon Association of Education Service Districts is a non-profit organization dedicated to support every school district in Oregon in their mission to help every child to succeed.  OAESD has 17 member Education Service Districts.  Each has its own Board of Directors, a superintendent and a staff dedicated to providing high quality, low cost programs and services to the school districts in their region.

OAESD exists to support each member ESD in their regional work.  We work closely with the Oregon Department of Education, the Oregon Confederation of School Administrators, the Oregon School Boards Association, the Oregon Education Association, the Oregon School Employees Association, the Governor's Office, the Oregon Legislature, etc.  We meet monthly to work out issues together, disseminate information, and provide professional development and support.  Between meetings, we provide our ESDs with weekly information on current events in the state. We also host both a fall and spring conference for our members.

The OAESD employs two part-time staff:  an Executive Director and a Government Affairs Specialist.

Check out our new Tab on the Home Page: Curriculum Resources.  It currently features Build Your Own Curriculum and an Essential Skills Portal. 

The annual OAESD Fall Summit is scheduled for November 13, 2015  It will be held as a part of the OSBA pre-conference at the Portland Marriott Hotel.

Check out our calendar on this page for the OAESD Spring Conference May 14-16, 2015. 

Please contact us with any questions you may have regarding Oregon's Education Service Districts.