Oregon Association of Education Service Districts
Legislative Committee

Legislative Committee

The OAESD Legislative Committee provides an important link between the Oregon Legislature and member ESDs. The committee monitors legislation impacting education and ESDs specifically. The committee coordinates testimony and lobby efforts on behalf of Oregon’s ESDs and provides regular and issue driven communication to OAESD members.

OAESD Legislative Committee 2024 (Serves through June 30, 2024)

Officer Council Positions

  • Dan Goldman, Superintendent (Chair), Northwest Regional ESD
  • Tony Scurto, Superintendent, Lane ESD
  • Linda Brown, Board Member, Clackamas ESD
  • Jill Conant, Board Member, Malheur ESD
  • Paul Andrews, Superintendent, High Desert ESD
  • Will Cahill, Board Member, Lake ESD

Board Member Positions (5 positions)

  • Paul Zastrow, Board Member, Columbia Gorge ESD
  • Maureen Wolf, Board Member, Northwest Regional ESD
  • Rose Wilde, Board Member, Lane ESD
  • Fred Brick, Board Member, South Coast ESD
  • Anna Ali, Board Member, Willamette ESD

Superintendent Positions (5 positions)

  • Mark Redmond, Superintendent, Malheur ESD
  • Paul Peterson, Superintendent, South Coast ESD
  • Mark Mulvihill, Superintendent, InterMountain ESD
  • Larry Didway, Superintendent, Clackamas ESD
  • Analicia Nicholson, Superintendent, Douglas ESD


Current resources for members include: