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Education Service Districts

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Milt Dennison, Superintendent 503-675-4003
Pam Bonner, Exec. Assistant to the Superintendent
Joe Austin, Chief Information Officer
Nancy Anderson, Special Education 503-675-4150
Connie Dickman, Human Resources 503-675-4015
Carol Middleton, Curriculum, Instruction and Evaluation 503-675-4024
Megan Helzerman, Professional Tech 503-675-4017
Tim Witcher, CFO 503-675-4035
Greg McKenzie, Chair / 2 years
John Thomas, Vice-Chair / 2 years
Nadene Duffield / 15 years
Jon Eyman / 17 years
Len Mills / 5 years
Curtis Smith / 27 years
Susan Trone / 11 years



COLUMBIA GORGE (Hood River, Wasco)

Gary Peterson, Superintendent-Technology, Special Education541-506-2240
Mary Bowen, Executive Secretary/Personnel Services
Linda Shames, Business Services541-298-8454
Stephanie Ritchie, School Improvement (until June 30, 2013) 541-298-3131
Doug Mahurin, Special Projects (until June 30, 2013) 541-298-3132
Peggy Grotting, Assistant Superintendent-School Improvement and Special Programs (July 1, 2013)



George Murdock, Superintendent 541-440-4751
Angie W. Supt. Secretary/Personnel Services 541-440-4753
Asthika Welikala, Technology Systems 541-440-4825
 Special Education 541-440-4760
Barbara Taylor, Business Services 541-440-4752
 Educational Services 541-440-4757
 Curriculum 541-440-4835



Robert Waltenburg, Superintendent 541-575-1349
Stacie Holmstrom, Deputy Clerk/Business Services 541-575-1349
Kathleen Spinks, Special Education 541-575-1349



Dennis B. Mills, Superintendent 541-573-2426
Kaeko Blackburn,, Business Services 541-573-2426
Rod Bennett, Network Administrator 541-573-4823
Gail Faulhaber, Instructional Support 541-573-4834


HIGH DESERT (Crook, Deschutes)

John Rexford, Superintendent 541-693-5602
Paul Andrews, Deputy Superintendent 541-693-5702
Shelley Knutz, Board/Superintendent's Assistant 541-693-5608
Deb Pertner, Info. Services/School Improvement Assistant
Greg Munn, Director of Financial Services
Jayel Hayden, Director of Human Resources
Kristin Johns, Human Resources Specialist 541-693-5625
Rachel Wente-Chaney, Chief Information Officer 541-693-5636
Sandy Bishop, Special Programs Director 541-693-5707
Diane Tipton, EI/ECSE Director 541-312-1964
John Witty, Staff Attorney 541-693-5604
Greg Colvin, Staff Attorney 541-693-5605
Shawn Swisher, Staff Attorney 541-693-5619




Rick Molitor, Superintendent 541-475-6192
Scott Pillar (until June 30, 2013), CFO541-475-2804
Martha Bewley (July 1, 2013), CFO541-475-2804
Barbara Garland, Special Education 541-475-2804
David Hicks, Technology541-475-2804
Jay Patrick, Technology541-475-2804
Sherri Fessler, Secretary 541-475-2804




Alice Hunsaker, Superintendent 541-947-3371
Debbie Goss, Administrative Assistant/Board Secretary 541-947-3371
Debbie Startt, School Improvement/Curriculum 541-947-3371
Will Cahill, Professional Tech 541-947-2136
Sara Sarensen, Business Services, Personnel Services 541-947-3371
Robert Key, Special Ed Director/School Psychologist 541-947-3371




Larry Sullivan, Superintendent 541-461-8213
Julie Simmonds, Executive Assistant 541-461-8213
Sue Mathisen, Special Education 541-461-8374
Carol Knobbe, Assistant Supt/Personnel Services 541-461-8264
Michelle Mantel, Learning Support 541-461-8332
Randy Trummer, Technology 541-461-8313
Kristin Gunson, Professional Tech 541-461-8275
Dave Standridge, Business Services 541-461-8289




Stephen Phillips, Superintendent 541-473-4823
Debbie Belnap, Administrative Secretary, Personnel Services541-473-3138
Steve Phillips, Professional / Technical Education Services 541-473-4823
Terry Herzberg, Special Education 541-473-4825
Mark Redmond, Curriculum & Instructional Services541-473-4824
Heather Collins, Business Services 541-473-4826
Matt Mejia, Human Resources 541-473-4822




Barbara Jorgensen, Superintendent 503-257-1616
Leslie Nelson, Executive Assistant to Superintendent, COO, Legal and Board Secretary
Jim Rose, Chief Operating Officer/Director Technology Services
Rose Schaefer, Director of Business Services 503-257-1521
Mark Skolnick, Public Information Officer 503-257-1516
Heyke Nickerson, Director of Human Resources/Legal Counsel 503-257-1513
Margo Lalich, Director School Health Services 503-257-1733
Kathryn Skimas, Chief Program Officer of Education503-257-1728


NORTH CENTRAL (Sherman, Wheeler, Gilliam)

Mike Carroll, Co-Superintendent, Special Education 541-384-2772
Robert Waltenburg, Co-Superintendent, Technology Director 
Rinda Montgomery Conwell, Assistant Superintendent, Special Ed, School Improvement
Dawn Lathrop, Business Manager



NORTHWEST REGIONAL (Clatsop, Columbia, Tillamook, Washington)

James Sager, Superintendent 503-614-1401
Paul Peterson, Assistant Superintendent 503-614-1433
Theresa Gartner, Executive Assistant 503-614-1401
Rick Wahlstrom, Chief Technology Officer 503-614-1410
Janice Essenberg, Chief Financial Officer 503-614-1253
Robyn Bean, Chief Human Resource Officer
Art Anderson, Instructional Service 503-614-1443
Joan Steiner, Special Education-Related Services 503-614-1275
Megan Stenberg, Communications Editor 503-614-1252
Kerri Smith, Director of Schools 503-614-1250
Nancy Ford, EI/ECSE 503-614-1251



REGION 18 (Wallowa)

Ed Jensen, Superintendent 541-426-4997
Glenda Glen, Administrative Assistant 541-426-4997
Lynda Wingo, Special Education 541-426-4997
Linda Bauck, Curriculum Director / Assistant Superintendent 541-426-4997
Josh Kesecker, Technology Coordinator 541-426-4997
Judith Robb / Lisa Courtney, Business Services / Personnel Services 541-426-0147




Tenneal Wetherell, Superintendent 541-266-3983
Jammie Muth, Executive Assistant 541-266-3951
Kassie Wynveen, Special Education 541-266-3918
Allyson Tavernier, Special Education 541-266-3981
Kathleen Stauff, Special Education 541-266-3939
Ryan Danielson, Business Manager541-266-4024
Kathleen Stauff, Instructional Services541-266-3939



SOUTHERN OREGON (Jackson, Josephine, Klamath)

Scott Perry, Superintendent 541-776-8590
Bev Orndorff, Executive Assistant 541-776-8590
Ron Enger, Director Technology / Media Services 541-776-8563
Sandra Crews,  Director Special Education Services 541-776-8555
Howard George, Business Manager 541-776-8580
Charles Bauer, Coordinator Migrant Ed/English Lang. Learners 541-776-8520
Scott Perry, Director School Improvement Services 541-776-8590
Steve Schilling, Coordinator Career and Technical Education541-776-8593




Mark Mulvihill, Superintendent
Marla Royal, Administrative Assistant to Superintendent
Mary Apple, Assistant
Michael Lasher, Deputy Superintendent
Beth O'Hanlon, Chief Financial
Denyce Kelly, Business Services
Jennie Price, Special Ed. Director West
Ami Muileburg, Special Ed. Director Central
Kathleen Walker, Special Ed. Director East
Eric Volger, Instructional Services
Colette Blakely, Human Resources
Cheri Rhinhart, Information Technology
Scott Rogers, Facilitites & Support Services
Casey White-Zollman, Communications
Caryn Appler, Cooperative Purchasing



WILLAMETTE (Marion, Polk, Yamhill)

Dave Novotney, Ph.D.,Superintendent 503-588-5330
Tishri Tucker, Ex. Assistant/Board Secretary 503-588-5330
Brian Florip, Communications503-588-5330
Dale Koger, Human Resources503-588-5330
Keith Ussery, Director of Instructional Services 503-588-5330
Stacey Sibley, Director of Special Education
Mike Dunckel, Director of Business Services 503-588-5330
Don Wolff, Director of Technology 503-588-5330
Tina Garcia, Director of Region 16 Migrant Ed. Program 503-588-5330
Antonio Ramos, Coordinator of Migrant Ed. Service Center 503-588-5330