Oregon Association of Education Service Districts
We Appreciate your Partnership, Communication, and Grace!

We Appreciate your Partnership, Communication, and Grace!

We appreciate your partnership, communication, and grace as we have worked through this unexpected situation with insurance.

When it was discovered that very few organizations had the level of insurance required by this act, state officials investigated what support could be developed for organizations to provide the required insurance coverage and help us begin awarding grants. The problem that you may have run into with insurance is the same problem the state has run into with insurance: insurers may not be willing to sell the level of coverage that’s required for the grant, if they are willing to procure the coverage it takes three to six weeks for underwriters to do the work needed to develop a policy, and in the end it may just be too expensive. The state continues to work through its insurer to find solutions for this summer.

At this point, we are still 2-4 weeks from awarding grants.  We would like to provide a report to state officials and legislators about which organizations would still be able to offer summer programming to youth in Oregon this summer, given this delay. In this google form, we ask for your email address, the name of your organization, and if you are able to offer programming given this delay.  This information will help us provide useful information to state legislators and officials who have requested an update on the grant. If you have already applied, THIS WILL NOT IMPACT YOUR APPLICATION STATUS.  If you would like to revoke your application, you can do so by emailing us at OAESD@lblesd.k12.or.us.

We will continue to wait for potential solutions and communicate useful information as it becomes available.

Thank you,
The Team at OAESD