Oregon Association of Education Service Districts
Applications are Being Reviewed!

Applications are Being Reviewed!

Greetings OCSG friends!

This information was added to the FAQ, but we wanted to be sure to share it here too so you are up-to-date.

How will applications be reviewed?
There will be three stages of review which will examine the following:

Stage 1 
Determination of alignment of program description with the following foci:

    • Providing summer experiences for youth in Oregon (just entering kindergarten to just graduated seniors)

    • Special support or program design for one or more of the focal groups

    • Program design takes into consideration feedback or leadership from families belonging to one or more of the focal groups

    • If the program provides access to students in our state who have less access to programs

**Applicants will receive a notification of approval status after this review to allow organizations to make an informed decision about the purchase of additional insurance**

Stage 2 
Verification that the organization is in good standing in the area or state and verification of appropriate levels of insurance coverage

**Applicants will receive a notification of screening results with an invitation to send in more documentation or clarify their coverage if needed**

Stage 3 
Final verification that all pieces of the process were followed by screeners and reviewers

**Applicants will receive notification of final approval status as well as next steps they need to follow to receive award dollars.**