Oregon Association of Education Service Districts
OCSG Reporting Requirements Update

OCSG Reporting Requirements Update

Oregon Community Summer Grants
Reporting Requirements Update
September 26, 2022

The 2022 Oregon Community Summer Grants have supported needed and impactful opportunities for children throughout the state. Grant reporting data provides a source of evidence for informed decision-making about summer learning opportunities in Oregon.  Oregon’s legislators rely on both data and testimony to make future plans for summer learning funding. The data and testimony are provided by grant recipients and the reporting andimpact work of the Region 16 Comprehensive Center and its partners OregonASK along with the Oregon Association of Education Service Districts. All evidence will include what the funding made possible; the impact and lived experiences of program directors, staff, and youth; how priority populations were served with this funding; and successes, challenges, and lessons learned. Operational cost data for summer programs is an additional and needed category to comprehensively inform and support securing future funding opportunities.  As indicated in the Oregon Community Summer Grants request for proposals, and in subsequent agreements for recipients, programmatic reporting requirements have been in place as a requirement and must also be fulfilled to receive the final ten percent of the award allocation.

Two updates to this process are outlined below and will provide the needed data as referenced above:

1. The previous reporting form included a selection of numerical bands rather than actuals.  This is being updated to require input of the exact numbers.

2. A cost analysis section to include totals for the following:
a. Personnel costs
b. Materials/Supplies
c. Third Party Contracts/Subcontractors
d. Additional Insurance
e. Other

The combination of categories reflect the total cost of programming; as such, please include the non-specified expenditure total in “Other.”

It is emphasized that the totals for these categories can be estimated as applicable to each awardee’s needs and unique circumstances.

If you have already submitted your reporting information, you will be contacted via email and provided your previous responses to paste into the new form as applicable. You will need to re-enter responses requiring exact numbers and add responses for the cost analysis subsection. You are welcome to provide optional feedback again, but we will have it already documented, and it is not required.

We appreciate your patience with this process as it evolves. Your service to the youth and families in Oregon is exemplary, and we are working on your behalf to keep funding streams open.

For your convenience, here is the link for reporting: https://forms.gle/QKPBRuD4U6R3MZam6

With gratitude and in partnership,
The Team at OAESD