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Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year Everyone!

We are receiving questions about a summer grant opportunity for 2023 so it is time for an update with the information we have to share!  Here is a little history, present, and future for you!

HISTORY:  In both 2021 and 2022, Oregon State Legislators dedicated funds for Summer Learning Opportunities.  If there are funds dedicated to summer learning in 2023, the decision would be made by the Oregon State Legislature.

There are several factors which make the summer funding source an “unknown” at this point:

  • 30% of the legislative members are new to the role
  • Governor Kotek is new to her role
  • The budget process for a new governor is a couple of months later due to the timing of the transition for a new governor
  • The priorities of the legislative body and the order of those priorities are both unknown at this point in time

PRESENT: The Legislature has made some early moves; Senate Bill 531 has been drafted in support of funding for summer learning.  If funding for summer learning is approved, it is possible it won’t be until late spring.  Should OAESD be approached to manage the grant again, we are ready to accept!  We are excited to create great opportunities for students this summer!

FUTURE: Many have asked about changes to the insurance requirements.  While we continue to engage in conversations with state agencies about this, we do not anticipate changes to the insurance requirements. As we learn more, we will be sure to post updates here. Be sure to sign up for updates in the big orange box so you can get an email when we post something new. 

We hope we get to work with you all again this summer!