Oregon Association of Education Service Districts
Hello again summer learning partners!

Hello again summer learning partners!

While we don’t have any new information about summer learning funds, we thought you would appreciate an update about the legislative processes that drive the summer learning process.

On May 17, the Oregon State Revenue forecast came in looking very positive, which means legislators have an increased funding base from which to budget.  Governor Kotek offered her response to this news; you will notice Summer Learning is absent from her list. Where you may find opportunity is with the Early Literacy Initiative–if passed, this MAY contain opportunities for community-based organizations to engage with early literacy learning.

As you may also know, several Senators have walked out and remained away from their Senatorial duties.  There are several news stories about this, which describe their motivations.  Their absence has stalled all legislative work, including passing a state budget.  

The future of the legislative session is unknown; we will be sure to offer any updates we have here.

Thank you for your continued partnership,

The Team at OAESD