Oregon Association of Education Service Districts
Ozzie Rose

Ozzie Rose

Ozzie Rose

Director of Governmental Relations

Ozzie Rose has served as the Oregon Association of Education Service Districts Government Relations Director since 2005.

Ozzie is responsible for providing professional assistance for OAESD in the Legislative arena, Cultivating and maintaining on-going working relationships with the Oregon Department of Education and other entities directly involved in public education policy and governance with OAESD. Ozzie reports and updates OAESD several times a year by giving reports and updates in person during Legislative Committee Meetings, and Superintendent and Governance Council Meetings.

Ozzie earned his Bachelor’s degree from Eastern Washington State College with a major in Mathematics and minor in Physical Education. He earned his Masters from Eastern Washington State College in Secondary School Administration. In 1969 Ozzie received his Ph.D from the University of ORegon with a major in School Administration and a minor in Sociology.

Ozzie has a wealth of knowledge and experience and has received many honors. Ozzie is also a member of several professional Associations and Societies. Ozzie is married to his wife Coralie and has four children and eleven grandchildren.